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Hi all,

I had the problem of Gynecomastia from the age of 17. Now I'm 21 years old and I always felt embarrassing about this abnormality. I was not able to get into activities like swimming, getting my shirt off in a beach/function.

As I'm normally glued with my laptop, I tried to find the probable reasons available in the internet for Gynecomastia. I came across forums like this where people discuss about this issue. I also got to know that surgery is the only option available to get rid off the Gynecomastia. Since I'm an avid reader, I read as many posts available in the forum and tried to narrow down my search to fix up a doctor with whom I can undergo my surgery.

I got to know about Ms. Jayanthy Ravindran Madam. I visited her personal website (Google -> Dr Jayanthy Ravindran -> First Result), read the procedures which were mentioned in the page. As soon as I finished reading the procedure, I got enough confidence to fix up my mind to book an appointment with her to under go the surgery. Her credentials and testimonials solely influenced my thought process. (Note - Yes!! Now, I'm very happy that I made the right choice).

I had a talk with mam and booked an appointment with her for the surgery at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. (Note - Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Mam also does surgery in Apollo Cosmetic Hospitals, Chennai). Before hand, She advised me to take a blood test and to have a consultation with the anesthesiologists.

 I reached Chennai on Day 0 and the pre operative procedures (consultation with anesthesiologist and review of blood test reports) were done. Dr. Jayanthy Mam examined my condition and found that in my case, Gynecomastia is predominantly due to excess fat alone and best results can be obtained by doing Liposuction alone. She also gave me an introductory  note about the do's and don't before/after the surgery. She explained all the points very clearly and slowly, that I didn't have any doubt.

I was asked to reach the hospital at 6.00 A.M on Day 1 (Surgery Day). I reached on time and I paid the money in advance, in the cash counter. Since the surgery is done under day care procedure, I was allotted with a day care room (very well maintained, neat and clean). A nurse accompanied me and she advised me to change the clothes. I was provided with the operation theatres clothes and I was asked to wait in the patient holding area. At 7.35 A.M the anesthetist visited the patient holding area and asked the nurses to shift me to the operation theatre.

Dr. Jayanthy mam came to the operation theatre at 7.50 A.M sharp. (My operation was scheduled for 8.00 A.M). She advised me to stay cool and calm. She marked the portions of the regions where excess fat was available. The anesthetist had a chat with me to make me feel relaxed and then he advised me to inhale the gases which he is going to inject. This is the last minute when I was conscious.

I regained consciousness at 10.30 A.M and found myself in the day care room which was allotted for me. I inferred that the surgery went on well and I'm now recuperating. I had sore throat, due to the injected gases. I was asked to take rest for a while. I felt very comfortable and there was no pain at all. I tried getting up on my own and succeeded in doing the same. I didn't feel any pain at all. Believe me!! I sat in the bed for a while and had a chat with the people around me. At around 1.00 P.M, the nurse provided me with a glass of water. As I didn't have any vomiting sensation, I was also provided with a pack of milk shake.

I was there in the room till 4.30 P.M. Dr. Jayanthy mam visited me at 4.45 P.M and she enquired about  my well being. I conveyed that I'm totally fine and I'm having no pain at all. After this, the discharge formalities were done and I got myself discharged from the hospital at 5.30 P.M.

Since in my case, Gynecomastia was predominantly due to excess fat alone, Liposuction was alone done. I'm very very happy with the post surgery results and I'm truly elated to be back to normal condition.
To add to this, the nurses, attendants and every staff of the Kauvery hospital were very very kind and helpful. I owe them my sincere gratitude and thanks. The hospitality and care taking were simply excellent.

If you want to get your gyne corrected, then definitely Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is the first and the best choice available for you. I'm very very satisfied with my results and she is such a kind, dedicated and passionate doctor whom you can always rely upon.

I also assure you that, you  will never regret for anything, if you fix up your surgery with mam!


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Hello Kartik, First of all many congratulations to you.
If possible do share your pre and post ops images.

I am also planning to get surgery but I won't be going for gland removal at any cost, Most probably I will be opting for Lipo.



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