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Hey everyone, I didn't really want to write a blog about my gynecomastia but since I had it on one side only and have had the surgery I feel the need to share what I've learnt and my story thus far. I will keep it as short as possible and be sure to ask any questions you have.

Asymmetrical Gynecomastia is where you have it on one side only.

When I was 17 I noticed that I had a lot of fat on my chest even though I was not overweight. I researched online and was told that it was just body fat and would go away with working out. So I undertook a workout plan of cardio and weights and lost about 2 stone and got toned enough to have a visible six pack. I was clearly able to see that I still had a lot of "fat" on my left side, the problem being that my left side was twice the size of my right side which looked really abnormal. So I began to get more self conscious when I came to the realization that this wasn't just fat. I researched some more online and came across a site that gave a detailed description of how it was actual breast tissue and would need surgery. This was the turning point when i realized that it was not going to go away without medical help. I almost bought "Gyno reducing Pills" from a scam site I was so desperate.

I'm 22 now. I found an ad for a private clinic offering lypo that would remove 'man boobs", I booked a consultation and he told me that he could lypo all the tissue away. I asked him how he could lypo tissue that needed to be surgically removed but he dodged the question. When I came home I just had to tell someone so I worked up the courage and told my mum which was the best decision I've ever made. She spent the next few weeks booking appointments with dermatologist and consultants. I didn't go through with the lypo clinic which is the second best decision I made as it would have done nothing to the tissue and left me bankrupt. I eventually got an appointment with a very experienced plastic/breast surgeon. He was able to book me in for surgery within less a month.

The day of the surgery came and it went great.  I knew I was in very skilled hands. As soon as I woke up from anesthetic I looked down my top and couldn't believe that it was gone. My chest was completely flat!!!!! The first 3 weeks were very hard since I was quite sore and had no energy. I just watched TV and played games all day and made excuses for not going to parties.  Its been a month since my surgery and I am nearly back to normal. The scars are starting to fade already and the swelling is going down.
I can do weights with my right hand but I'm being very careful not to put any stress on my left arm or the left of my chest.

It feels great to share my story and hopefully encourage some of you guys to take the big step. It may be expensive and a little overwhelming to tell your parents/doctors/friends but the taught of having a flat chest is the biggest reward you could ask for.

I may have skipped on some details so be sure to ask any question you have and I'll answer it.

Thanks, James


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Great post, James.  Hope you continue to heal well.

Welcome to "the other side."

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