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Hi Folks,

I just wanted to say hey.

I am amost 47yo, and have been self conscious of my bobs since around age 12.  I have also been overweight all of my life.

Most of you can probably relate when I say my boobs cause me social anxiety growing up.  From the horror of having to play on the skins side in gym class basketball.  To be mortified when the high school but a pool in, and made it manditory to swim co-ed  :o
I got out of that by having our family doctor excuse me for chlorine allegy.  The Dr. took my word for it.

To this day, I will not take my shirt off in public.  I will only swim when I am alone, or with my wife and little daughter.  I do a lot of work outside, and the only way I will wear a tee shirt is doubled up.  One to keep me from jiggling, and then outer one is hanging loose.  My wife doesn't understand why I care what others think, but she lets me be on this.

This brings me to my final point.  I have to say I have had all good experiences with women.  While having man-boobs makes me self conscious, and lacking in confidence.  I would date, and have steady girls.  I NEVER had a girl that was taken back when I took my shirt off.  Most kind of liked squeezing me.

As a matter of fact.  My wife loves them.  Early in our relationship she said, I am jealous, you are bigger then me.  She likes to play with them, she think's she might be BI.  But she is an awesome woman.

I still dream of getting it fixed and having abs of steel, and Pecks instead of boobs.  But I am pretty happy, with an awesome wife.  After that, most other things are not as important.

I am glad I found this site.  I am going to study my condition to a greater extent then I have.

Thanks !


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welcome aboard bro.
We are all in this together.

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Ive seen alot of people mentioning shirts and skins on here.  Never once in all my grade school and high school career did that ever occur, i think maybe the administration finally got the hint that some people arent comfortable with their bodies.  Because im sitting here thinking back when i was really heavy even if i didnt have gyne i wouldnt have wanted to be a skin, now its not an issue but still.  It seems odd that no one who ran the shirts and skins events realized that some kids might not want to be topless in front of dozens of others in an athletic event? seems commonsense to me.


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