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Hello Everyone

I had my Gyno+lipo surgery 6 months ago + an extra liposuction because i wasn't satisfied with the results…  I had the gyno incision done under the nipple, they pulled out walnuts sized gyno out and drained my breasts for 200ml of fat each.

About 50ml for fat in each breast the second time… 2 months ago… But iam still not satisfied when the doc. drained me the second time he said that there wasn't much fat left… But now 2 months after I still have these big soft lumps of tissue. Some of the lumps are bigger maybe 3cm long I don't know if it's breast or fat tissue.

I hope someone in here can help me? what could my next step be…

Best regards
from Denmark


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While 2 months is still early in the healing phase, it does appear that you have continued residual tissue on your chest.

Many surgeons are hesitant to remove too much for fear of producing contour irregularities.  On the other hand, if not enough tissue is removed, then in essence the job is only partially complete.

You have now had two procedures -- so any further procedure would be more difficult due to the scar tissue which inevitably results from any prior operation.

You basically have three choices: 
1. Return to your surgeon and request additional surgery
2. Accept the results that you have
3. Seek additional opinions from experts in gyne surgery, either in Denmark or from other countries.

Good luck!

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