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I started to notice around 14. My best friend knew I had breasts but never said much because he knew it would crush me. At 16, I was on the high school soccer team and back and forth the coach pointed, walked down the line and uttered, “shirts…skins…shirts”...etc.. I watched in horror as we were picked off, one by one. The coach made eye contact with me, raised his pointing finger at me and yelled…. “SKINS!”

I looked over at my best friend who looked at me and then with a sorry smirk, looked at the ground. What could I do? I held my breath, closed my eyes, and took off my shirt.

 I tried to pretend that everything was fine. I ran around the field like it was no big deal, but it was. I ran after the ball furiously feeling my jugs jiggling and slapping around. “I wonder if anybody noticed my soft girly boobs” I thought. Was this really happening? Was I really running around playing soccer in front of everyone with no shirt on? I looked over at my best friend. He placed his hand over his mouth, and looked away.

As soon as practice was over I put my shirt back on as quickly as I could. Had anyone noticed my jugs? As we huddled up one of the guys said, “nice breasts man”…another guy said…..”damn dude”…………. My worst nightmare was confirmed. I had breasts. Other people noticed my breasts. I had to hide my breasts.

From that day until this day, I have been hiding my jugs at any cost. I know all the tricks. I have tried everything mentioned here including, surgery.

I remember how happy I was the day of my surgery. Finally, God finally, I would be rid of this hellish curse once and for all. I remember actually seeing the gland nodules laying on my chest after the surgeon had removed them. I was so happy. They were gone. It was over. I had never had a “real” girlfriend. I was 25.

The pain was intense immediately following surgery but fortunately I had prescription pain killers at hand. My chest looked great! I couldn’t believe it! It had been worth it! I was going to go swimming! I was going to be able to wear T-shirts! I was going to know what confidence was! I was going to have a life and maybe even, have a girlfriend someday.

 The only thing that resulted from my surgery was an addiction to prescription pain killers because to my horror, my flabby-nipple puffed breasts returned as good as new within 2 weeks. Soon there after, my eyes filled with tears knowing the nightmare was alive and well. I simply could not believe it...I still can’t…… That was twelve years ago.

 The pain killer addiction eventually grew into a methamphetamine addiction. Meth was great because it burned me down to 135lbs. I did NOT have breasts. I could wear a T-shirt. I could even wear no shirt at all. Truly, for the first time in my life I felt freedom. I was so happy. Even though I was a walking stick figure, I had no breasts! It was the best feeling I’ve ever felt.

My career, house, and money vanished along with my happiness as my meth addiction grew so far out of control that I tried to commit suicide by cop. There I was. In the sewer of life. Everything was gone. Everything, but my returning gooey moobie jugs. After spending the very last of my money on a toy pistol I confronted the police and pointed the pistol at them. I insisted that they shoot me dead. The shot me. They did however, not kill me. Instead I was given three years in prison for felony menacing.

You know when you’re walking down a sidewalk, or in a store, and you can just feel your puffy nipples pushing themselves out for everyone to see? Screaming out to everyone in sight? I used to  pinch my man nipples every 45 seconds so that they would stay erect and not look like the soft girl breasts that they are, even though it is very painful to do over and over and over.

Imagine what you go through to hide you breasts in everyday life. Now, imagine trying to hide your nipple puffs in prison for three years. I was never raped or anything like that but every now and then some male thingy would reach over and grab my girl boobs and laugh…”HI SWEETIE….mmmmm soft…making me hard!”………. I had to wear a T-shirt for three years. A T-SHIRT…..IN PRISON! It was like being on the soccer field shirtless for three years! What could I do but pretend I was not bothered at all by them. Community showers everyday. The second I’d towel off and start to warm up, the boobies would ooze back into their little girl sissy shape. We’d walk the prison yard in the heat all day. Everyone was shirtless. Everyone, but me. What could I do but try to hide myself as best I could, every second, of everyday. I never got used to it.

That was two years ago. I am still on parole but I have a good job again and fortunately I have my very own condo so that I can sit with my moobs in peace, alone. I eat like a bird. I am usually around 165lbs these days at 6’1”. This is thin, but not thin enough to make my breasts go away completely. The thing is that when I go much thinner than this my legs and arms get to skinny. It’s hard to always be starving. It seems like I’m always hungry, always. Not hungry enough however to eat much though. How can I eat when my girlie boobs grow back so quickly?

I did not lose my virginity until I was 27. Even then, I had to be wasted to even think about taking off my shirt in front of a girl, even if she was the ugliest fat girl in the bar.

Believe it or not, I’m happy these days. At least I’m no longer in prison. Life is good. As good as it can be, with man jugs.



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Welcome to the boards,

That is a hell of a story and there is nothing I or anyone else can say to change what has happened to you.  Most of us have struggled with the nightmare of gynecomastia, some like you, have struggled more than most.  You are among friends here, so I say again.  Welcome.

Your first surgery was obviously unsuccessful for whatever reason, but don’t give up.  Firstly get your hormones checked to make sure that there is no underlying cause to your gyne.  Then save some money and go and see another plastic surgeon, one who does a lot of gyne reduction procedures (read these boards for recommendations).  I’m sure a good one could finally rid you of this nightmare.

Take care of yourself, draw support from these boards and always remember that this is something you can get rid of.

Surgery performed by Mr Levick at The Priory Hospital Bimingham (UK) 20th October 2006

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woah man thats amazing, you've done so much. I bet if you never had moobs you would have been such a creative guy. I used to be, and now caus eof this condition I'm really doing stupid stuff, i.e takin drugs, avoiding women, drinking until throwing up, totally self destructing. My Moobs are all I think about, they make  me suicidal at times, I have sat alone in my room holding lighters just below them, feeling the heat, imagine them burning away. I hit my chest really hard for ages, brusing it.. I hate them so much. Hopefully I don't get as bad as you, and surgery will work for me, but if it does'nt F*ck knows what I'll do.


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