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I start developing breasts  at the age of 13. Others boys  at school teas me . I get married at 24 .having  a fantastic life since then.  professionally , familiar ,friends . I have 1 son. And 2 daughters. At the age of 45 my breast develop again , reaching a 48B. Du to cardio problems ,I decline surgery . So my wife bought me some bras to try for support and comfort .Now.i am 60 and using a bra every day .my wife died last year (cancer). My youngest daughter stay at home with me  . She is studying Business Adm.
After reading the story off Hammer I decided to join  Excuse me my English . Is not my language .



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Welcome to the forum!

I'm very sorry for the loss of your wife!

Your English is much better then my Spanish, even though I spent a lot of time in Spain while I was in the Navy! I love your country! It is very beautiful, and Benidorm was tops for me, been there 3 time alone. Barcelona and Rota, I can't remember exactly how many times. Then Palma, I road motor cycle all around the hill sides. I tell my wife that if I was to visit some of the places that I've been to Spain would be one of them!

I'm glad that you found the forum, you should check out the section on acceptance.



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