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      I just found this ste and it gives me a chance to communicate with others who have my problem . I'm a bit old now but for many, many years there was no where to air these feeling and experiences. Maybe it'll help someone maybe it won't.

     Yes, like many others, (no I haven't read a lot of everyone else's tales but there does seem to be a couple of common trends. The one I fit into is being oiverweight). That started at a very young age. Looking back now at pictures which I always avoided,  I didn't seem to be as bad as I remembered but maybe that' s selective memory.
I remember when I was about 10 just havin' fun like anyone else my age but I started to feel aches in my breast area, and in my nipples. They started to become achy and sore. Not all of the time but it was noticible. Then it got worse and the embrassment started to invade my consciousness. I knew, well I thought I knew something was wrong but at the same time I couldn't talk to anyone about it. As time went on my breasts seem to get larger but then again I was growing and everyone said in school that your body would be changing and it's all normal. I knew this wasn't exactly what everyone was talking about but I tried to ignor it and blamed it on gaining weight. well to make a long, hard story short. I was growing breasts and there was no doubt about it. I eventually got currious about them and started to try on my mother's bras and 38 c's were tight but I got myself into them I even would wear them with a shirt on. Unfortunately as I grew older they were more pronounced and my friends and strangers were constantly starring at them. I would walk around with my arms folded to hide them. The worst was when girls my age would be also very curious about them. I'd always find one of them starring at me and not being able to take their eyes away.  The worst part was when people would drag me to a pool or beach in the summer. I would do everything I could to avoid this but that also became noticible. Sometimes I would sort of forget or just give up and let my arms hang right and it was like I was flashing people. So embarassing! One day during the summer I was awake early in the morning and was overhearing my parents talking about me but I couldn't hear what they were saying . An hour or so later my mother cme into my room after my brother left and asked me to sit up and to take off my tee shirt. I resisted and finally did it. Her eyes went wide and she looked for a few moments and then she told me to put my shirt on. The next morning again, I was awake in bed and heard the discussion. This time she was telling my father what she saw; and I remember her saying that they (my breasts) were just like a girl's. She was talking about me as if I was an object not her son who was trapped in theis body going wrong.

Well I'm goinng to stop now. If anyone would like I'll continue my tale another time. Thanks for letting me finally air this out.


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glad you found the site, it's an eye opener to find out it has a name and you're not the only one.  i assume you're long out of the house and capable of getting it taken care of for yourself.  about how long have you had it? 
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Thank you for sharing your story...  and ah yes... all to familiar!!!  ;)

How old are you now, and do you have plans to have your G corrected?

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