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hello all
Well heres my background. i'm 20 173cm 68kg and have a very toned muscular build. (exept for the gyno puffy nipples of course) i definetly have lumps (glandular tissue) underneath my nipples and no matter how hard i train i cannot get rid of them.

I done some research (by asking doctors and looking up forums) and concluded that surgery is the only possible option. so i set out to find a surgeon. My initial thoughts were liposuction.
But when i visted the first surgeon he indicated that liposuction will not help my condition because there is very little fat and just glandular tissue that is causeing the puffyness. He said the only way to do it was to make an incision underneath the nipple which would most likely cause scarring. (From reading posts and looking at pictures i have gathered that scarring is a big issue)

I was not happy with this answer and not prepared for a scar.

So i went to another surgeon. This one had a slightly better answer. He said all the same things as the previous surgeon. NO liposuction and incision underneath the nipple.
But he gave me an alternative. He said he has been working on a new device which is used to extract sweet glands from underneath your arm pits. He then explained it in layman's terms. It is a 3mm tube/pipe that has little teeth on the end of it. It is attached to a suction device. It is inserted underneath the armpit to breakup and suck out sweet glands. It was a device to help people with excessive sweet problems.

He said that this procedure had only been used on people with excessive sweet conditions but it may actually help my condition as i am a very fit bloke. He would insert the device underneath my armpit and work the device around my pectorial muscle and try his best to cut at the glandular tissue. He did not promise me a quarentee but said that he would be willing to try it out on me but only with a bit more practice with his more sweety patients. He said to call him or come back in the middle of this year and ask him how its going. This first consultation was in feb.

Now i dont know what to do and would like a bit of advice on this issue?
Has anyone heard of such a procedure for excessive sweeting??
This surgeon is very respected in Australia has all qualifications and has been on several a current affairs programs in Australia.
Should i go through with it???  Although mind you i may ring him in june and find out the technique would not work for my condition.
Im very anxious about what he says to me in a few months time.
Any thoughts??

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Dude, you would basically be a guinea pig for a new procedure!! Sounds highly risky and i would not recommend it at all.  I had puffy nipples as well, and i went with the classic liposuction + excision. I am very happy with the results, i am only 2 weeks post-op and the scarring is fading already, by the time im healed they wont even be visible.

I have some pics posted if you are interested.,9516.0.html


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