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I've been lurking around this board for 2 years reading everthing I can on Gyne, nutrition, testosterone deficiency, Estrogen blockers etc.  Finally, I have something to contribute, my story which ended in surgery last night, I hope it is of use and help to others.  Many thanks for all of you in this community, it's been a real god send and a great support network.  So here goes....

I have had a problem since puberty and it never got better.  Not only did I develop sizable breasts but due to some very screwed up hormones, I also developed large woman like thighs and buttocks.  (Not rugby legs, more like Beyonce) Needless to say, this has been distressing over the years (holidays, swimming pools, locker rooms, relationships etc) and it got worse due to an over reliance on alcohol which led to depression, weight gain, more fat and therefore more estrogen storage.  Also, my sex drve plummeted.   I'm now in my 30's and decided there had to be something I could do about it. I found this site and that's where my research began.

I saw 2 different endochronologists to find out what was happening with my hormones, the first one was a UK NHS specialist who was not interested and said my test results were within an acceptable range (Acceptable range, my testosterone level was about the same as a 70 year old man and my estrogen levels could rival those of a young woman). The second one was a spanish specialist I was referred to who spoke no english, my spanish is not good so there was little help there either.

I'd worked out from researching my test results that I had low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels and after much study decided to solve this problem myself.  The first thing that had to go was the booze, I'm tea total now. People say booze does not make much difference to estrogen levels but from my experience it made a big difference and giving up also reduced the depression.  Then I started working out with weights (especially leg press and squats) to boost natural testosterone which worked, then I radically changed my diet to fruit (mainly Bananas - lots of zinc and potassium), vege (mainly green cruciferous broccoli and salads) and lean meat (the estrogen is mainly in the fat).  This helped me lose stored fat and reduce the amount of stored estrogen too.  Basically my philosophy on diet now is "if you can catch it and kill it, dig it or pick it, you can eat it" ie. No processed foods ever. They are all full of man made crap.

Next, I looked at additional nutrition to increase the testosterone and take a daily regime of supplements and vitamins which help. I found that by elevating my testosterone considerably, it seems to compete for the same receptor sites as estrogen and the testosterone is winning. (Not very medical, but that's what I think is happening, well, I know something is working because my "morning glory" is back with avengance, watch out ladies!). So hormone problems solved or at least now under control.

Finally, a few weeks ago, I went to see Dr Benito in Barcelona, Spain on a recommendation from a girl who had a breast reduction and I'd read about him on this forum (I live in Barcelona so he was the obvious choice)  He seemed pleasant and very professional.  He looked me over and said there was mainly fat but some gland as well, I said let's go for it but I want all the fat removed from my thighs, hips and buttocks too.  So this was going to be a big operation.  I paid my money and then a few days later, I was off to pre op tests (mammary scan, bit like an x ray), blood tests, blood pressure tests, thickness of blood etc (NB. you have to stop taking garlic, aspirin and Vit E 7 days before the op as these thin the blood and it takes longer to clot, also maximum of 1 cigarette a day for smokers as it constricts blood vessels and slows the healing process, this is for 7 days before and 7 days after surgery).

Finally, I turn up at the hospital yesterday with my various test results for the anesthetist, had a an hour wait and some mix up with hospital admin girl who wanted to charge me extra (luckily, Dr Benitos assistant Aida who deals with customer care and speaks perfect english came down, sorted out the problem and took me to my room, she's really great, sympathetic and pretty good at reading people.  Very cute too!  You see, I have never ever stayed in a hospital before, never had an operation, was n't even born in one and as a rather typical northern english man, I don't generally bother other people with my problems, I quietly sit on my rock and work them out myself, needless to say, here I was in a foreign country, I had not told anyone about what I was about to do, not friends, not family, no one.  And once I was in the hospital room, I admit i was suddnely a little nervous and worried about this whole thing, especially the anesthetic.  Aida made light of the situation and gave me her phone number should I need anything at all.

I think she must have told Dr Benito, because there's me sitting on the bed in my bottomless hospital gown (Not the height of fashion) and in pops a nurse saying Dr Benito wants you to take this pill, what is it I say, "Valium" she says.  Wow, those things are great.  Not nervous anymore.

Anyway, in comes another nurse with a bed/trolley, on I get I think (completly spaced out) and down to surgery I go.  The anesthetist puts a breathing mask on me and says breath deeply which I do for a minute and then says "bye bye".  Next thing I remember is waking up, feeling very sore and groggy,  lots of smiling faces looking at me as they pass by. When I am finally considered OK, it's off to my room again where I drift in and out of sleep.  A nurse comes in and adjusts my IV drip, I say Buenos Dias (good morning) but she indicates it's 4 am so go back to sleep which I do.

So, this morning, I get a light breakfast (Even Airplane food beats hospital food, yuck) and a visit from nurses who remove a rather large syringe from my hand and Dr Benito who goes over a few things.  I take off the bandage on my chest (very slowly) in the shower and take a good look at myself in the mirror, to be honest I look like a road kill, not pleasant but a road kill without breasts (hooray).  I also notice I have quite a few puncture marks with stiches, 2 near the arm pits, 2 near my groin and 2 in my buttocks. Now, you have to remember, I had extensive surgery, gland and fat removal for breasts and large amount of lipo on hips, thighs and buttocks all done in one go.  All in all, the fat and gland came to a whopping 3.5 litres.  I was going to get the metro (underground train) home but hobbled about 10 metres and decided a taxi would be the more sensible option.

I'm pretty bruised everywhere right now and everything is sore and very stiff but I've got creams, pain killers and anti biotics to take for that.  The breasts are completly gone, one is even rather concave where the Dr had to aggressively remove gland tissue, makes one nipple an inny rather than an outy at the moment but that should remedy once I heal.  I have a little pocket of fluid below that one.  Also, I have large bulges of fluid on my legs which I have to massage along with my chest to assimilate it back into the body and out through urine.

Sorry if I've gone into too much detail, but that's how it is.  SO now, i have to wear this vest thing for a month and do lots of massage.  Was it worth it, U BET.  If I am stuck with one inny nipple and one outy nipple for the rest of my life, do I care, NO DO I HELL, I'll just call it a war wound but I'm pretty sure Dr Benito will sort that out.  Would I recommend him, ABSOLUTLEY.

That's my story, thanks for reading.  Will update in a few weeks and post before and after pics.  Now, if you don't mind, I'm pretty sore and tired so I'll be off to bed.  Good luck to you all.

Atlas21 signing off.


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Thanks for sharing your experience.  Excellent detail with a trip for the mind to Barcelona, no less!

I have my surgery in just over a week and am positively thrilled.  I got my medications yesterday and can't wait to use them.

Thanks again, and with my brother living in Valencia, Spain, it vaguely reminded me of a terrific country.  I am certain the Spaniards too very good care of you.

Heal quickly.

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Congrats man! And I too feel the same way... because mine was an extreme case as well, I feel that if something doesn't look "perfect" after all is said and done, it's absolutely fine with me! I am not going to complain about the little things after dealing with such torture for so long. I'm coming along fine in my post-op, I'm in week 7-8. :) Happy post-op to you!
Triple Surgery done in Chandigarh, India (Jan 10, 2008):
1. Gynecomastia Surgery (simultaneously with #2)
2. Tonsillectomy
3. Septoplasty (5 days after #1 and 2)

3 lifelong problems wiped out in a flash of knives... Now recovering and excited beyond belief. :)

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Hi Guys

Thanks for kind comments, I'm off to the 1st post op session with Dr Benito on Monday so will ask him about any remedies for fluid drainage etc.  Apart from that, I'm healing well.

Tubbs, best of luck with your op.  Fingers crossed mate.

9Wolf, Happy post op healing to you too mate.

It might take a few post op sessions and a year for us to look completley normal but it's a long life and that's a small price too pay.

Who dares wins. 

Cheers Atlas21.

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Man brings back memories! i had the same as you on the 15th of Feb with Benito, i had lipo on my abs and love handles as well so i know your pain lol. Its a sore recovery i bet your bruises look funny anyway goodluck

ps Aida is cute and a bit flirty

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Surgery 2nd April with Dr. Benito.


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