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38yr old Londoner's story. 

Have spent a whole evening reading your stories so thought I would let you know mine. 

Unlike a lot of guys here I have been overweight most of my adult life. Nothing that would get me on the Jerry Springer show but since the age of about 20 my weight has fluctuated between 190 pounds to 250 pounds. To put this into perspective I'm 5'11" and have a large frame (broad shoulders etc) so even up to 230 pounds I somehow got away with looking like a big, burly guy you didn't wanna mess with rather than a fat blob who couldn't run after anything except an ice cream van. 

Anyway, alongside all the weight gain and loss over the last 18yrs or so I've always had a big chest, man boobs, breasts, whatever you want to call it. I've also always had big, puffed out nipples too so I don't know where I stand on the having gyne/just being a fatty debate. But like many guys on this forum I had become an expert at hiding my "moobs". That's if you class being an expert as pouring with sweat wearing a shirt and suit jacket on days when everyone else is in , at most, shorts & t-shirts.

So, in the last couple of years my weight hit an all time high, I must have been 260 pounds (this is a guess as I refused to humiliate myself by stepping on scales) and I knew I had to do something. So in the last 4 months I  lost around 50 pounds just by eating less and lots of exercise (for those interested I cut out fried food, pasta, bread, rice and potatoes) the weight practically fell off but ironically my man-boobs  never looked so prominent. I lost weight from everywhere, my face, waist, legs, everywhere except my enormous, embarrassing breasts. 

I then saw a tv show about a guy who had large breasts and was amazed to find he just had the fat sucked out of them by a surgeon! How had I got to 38yrs of age and never thought of lipo for moobs?  I went on the Internet and found The Private Clinic in Harley Street, London. This was 3 weeks ago, I had a consultation the next week and went ahead with 'Vaser Lipo' two weeks later (the earliest appointment they had) which was last Friday. It was explained to me how Vaser Lipo is reletively new in the UK and much less invasive than regular lipo with much less recovery time.  The surgery took about 90mins under local anaesthetic and cost £2,800.  Four x 3mm incisions were made, one in each nipple and one under each arm and a long ultrasonic probe liquified the fat in each breast; the fat was then sucked out.  I'd describe the surgery, at worst, as "slightly uncomfortable".   I drove home and felt fine, I could have gone into work but decided to take the rest of the day off (I'm lucky enough to be self employed with a successful business).    

It's now late Sunday night and I am lying in bed wearing a compression vest with 'inserts' which are large, round, flat discs which slip under the vest, on top of the dressing on my nipples.  I have to wear the vest 24hrs a day for 2 weeks (then just at night for a further 2 weeks).  Already I can see an incredible difference. I now have a chest as opposed to breasts. I never expected my chest to be completely flat but even with the slight swelling I have the results are better than I could ever dream of.  I'm close to tears to think that this summer I will be able to wear t-shirts and vests for the first time in twenty years. 

I will post my before and after shots when I get them from my surgeon when I go back in a few weeks. I'm only at the begining of my recovery but in the meantime I just wanted to share my joy.



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better late than never i'd say. there's no reason to go on living with gynecomastia if you feel like you're too young or too old. sure there are some risks associated with age you have to consider, but if they are minimal in your situation, then i say go for it. just like Saville here, i've tried losing weight and it only makes the problem more obvious. good going Saville, i hope that when you're fully healed that you'll see even greater results.


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