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Just completed surgery on 'medium severity' male breast enlargement at age 43. Lying here with my compression bandages on feeling pretty damn good about life. So here is my story:

This issue has caused HUGE damage to my psyche and confidence for the last 35 years. It was first evident when I was 8 years old. I used to be constantly tugging my t-shirt down at junior school. My mother used to complain my shirts were always stretched. I have always avoided swimming. I used to make up lame excuses when our family went to the pools so that I could sit in the car and wait for them to return. I even skipped a school camp once because I knew they would be swimming. I felt like a leper doing that because it was only me and 2 other guys whose families could not afford it who pulled out from camp. We had to sit in class each day taking supplementary lessons while the other kids were off on summer camp having a great time.
I have NEVER had the freedom to go shirtless in public or around the house. I always bought clothes that conceal. Mostly restricted myself to button up shirts all through my teens, 20's and 30's.
Every time I have showered or bathed it is has been in my mind. When I lied down in a bath I always covered my chest with a cloth to keep it out of my mind.
I just felt horrible to be shirtless any time. Like some sort of freak. This condition is like a virus that eats away at your self-consciousness.
I also knew that if I raised the issue with my mother etc. they would simply say "you look fine, dont worry about it, dont be so silly". But that is absolute bulls#$%. Other people have no idea the amount of pain and damage it causes.

Why did I wait so long to get it done? - partly because I was unaware of how relatively easily and effectively it could be remedied, but mainly because I never wanted to confront this issue head on that I was so SENSITIVE about. I was SO sensitive, I never mentioned a word to a soul about it, ever. Then of course I knew that surgery would run into the thousands of dollars. I thought, damn, that money could buy an all expenses paid holiday to any country in the world. Why spend that cash to indulge my vanity. You think as a man, you should stop being so vain and not indulge yourself cosmetically. I thought that stuff was only for women to do.
Therefore I suffered and put up with it for many years. Often I would not be too concerned about the condition, especially after marriage, but it was always an annoying 'son-of-a-bitch' issue that was ever present.

Before marriage I can remember a handful of incidents when females would notice the large size of my breasts. I remember each incident as clear as day. They were like knife stabs through my heart. One woman commented mine were bigger than hers - ouch!
Interestingly women don't seem to be offput by this condition. They just find it interesting and some even seem to find it cute. However it still hurt IMMENSELY to have it noticed.

I never thought there were so many guys with this condition out there. I actually never noticed it with anyone else apart from really fat dudes. Any other guy I looked at seemed to have a flat chest. It seemed like I was a freak of nature in an extreme minority. How come I was born looking like a freakin' woman !

So about two weeks ago, I had been drinking too much for three nights in a row. I woke up on Monday morning with anxiety due to too much vodka. Got to work, freaking out with anxiety and my mind turned to my condition. I just suddenly decided to finally take action. So ironically, thank you kindly Mr Smirnoff for pushing me into doing this !

So here I am three days post op. I am sure this is the end of it now. I paid a good amount for a good surgeon and even though I have tight bandages on, my chest seems a good deal flatter. I am just dreaming of the coming weeks when I can so shirtless in public and around the house without having to worry about a thing. It will be UTTER paradise.
Damn, I am going to go down to the local beach every evening and parade around. Public pools on the weekend. Yes, I am going to go out and buy half a dozen, tight t-shirts and wear them with pride. It will be like having been released from prison after serving a 35 year stint. It almost makes me cry to think if the freedom and peace of mind I have been denied over so many years.

If anyone happens to be contemplating this procedure, I can only say go for it 110%. I was stupid for torturing myself for so long before taking action. This should have been taken care of many, many years ago. This forum is awesome. When I was in my teens and 20's there was no internet. We were isolated from the dissemination of the type of info that this site provides. Young guys these days are luckier.


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Congrats to you and enjoy your new life, able to wear tight t-shirts my friend!!

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Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!  I can relate to so much of what you've said.  I'm 30 and getting it done next week, and I also wish I had done this sooner. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about this condition. 


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Hi Daves, thankyou for sharing your story. If i were to share mine it would be an exact copy of what you have already shared. I am happy for you. I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of t-shirt sale discounts  ;)

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35 yrs really man u suffered a lot
best wishes for your life ahead

god bless

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Amazing story! 

I am in the same boat - I am having my surgery on Thursday.  I can't believe I waited this long! 

Thank you for sharing your story!



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