Author Topic: 22 yr old - Have had gyne for almost 10 yrs  (Read 2177 times)

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Hi guys,

I've had large puffy nipples for nearly 10 years of my life and I have to say that I'm fed up with them! I feel like I've missed out on so many things during my teenage years because of this condition. I have avoided being shirtless numerous times even though I really wanted to take off my shirt and also, I have a bad posture due to hunching over so people would not notice my large puffy nipples sticking out from under my shirts. I recently told my parents that I had this condition and they told me to see a GP first. I am definitely having this surgery despite what my GP might say. I need to get my life back!

Unfortunately I can't provide pics. However I am 100% certain that I have gynecomastia. As I said my nipples are large, puffy (not hard but soft) and are like this when they are not physically stimulated with my fingers, water or exposed to the cold.  

I just wanted to tell you all about this in order to get it off my chest (no pun intended) :)


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welcome.  you're probably right, as unfortunately very few gp's are competent when it comes to gyne advice.  wish you your life back asap.  
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i have the same problem, i  am 19... luckily surgery isnt too expensive and its a small procedure to get em fixed

good luck bro, i have a surgery date and havent even told my family about this yet
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