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ive been suffering from gynecomastia since puberty. I HATED IT. i never took off my shirt, never went swimming, always wore sweat shirts to cover up my man boobs. i even got as far as duct taping my puffy nipples down everyday.

i researched gynecomastia for months and months and finally brought it up to my doctor.  he told me i had gynecomastia and he referred me to a general surgeon.  that general surgeon said she COULD do the surgery but was going to refer me to a plastic surgeon who will do a much better job and has alot more experience (that was amazing news to me)
at this time i had no idea if insurance was going to cover my surgery, all the doctors said insurance probably wont cover it.  but what i did to get it covered was i told them
1. it caused pain (because it did, at times) but i did make it sound worse than it was. i told them it hurt when i exercised and bothered me at times when i would sleep.
2. told them it has caused sever emotional pain in my life
3. told them ive been dealing with gynecomastia since puberty
these 3 things got it covered by my insurance company (tri-care) I ENCOURAGE anyone who is planning on getting this covered by insurance to tell the doctor about any pain youve ever had related to your man boobs. thats the ONLY way its going to get covered.

well, after a few months of doctor appointments and hours of figuring it out with insurance - i finally got my appointment for my surgery with the plastic surgeon.
he did liposuction to get rid of my puffy nipples and access breast tissue.

i had surgery 3 days ago and truthfully, it wasnt that terrible. i had never had any surgery what so ever and had never been put under before.
 im SO happy with the results already. its the BEST feeling ever to have my man boobs gone.
im here to help you guys - ill answer any questions you have about the procedure, what to say to insurance, what to say to the doctor. anything you have questions about, ill answer.

thanks guys.



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