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i'm 5'9, 145 lbs......with 12% body fat yet my lower chest is droopy and i have puffy nipples.  A year ago I was 140 lbs with 9% body fat and i didnt have this problem.  I can't feel anything particularly hard inside my nipples yet it looks like i have breasts and my nipples stick out of tshirts.  i do have a lot of muscle on my chest.  I used to do a lot of flat benching for my chest and put on a lot of muscle and then i completely stopped working out. maybe that is the problem.  I went to the doctor but hes an idiot and said i didnt have gyno, but he didnt really examine me. I just dont get how i can be so lean and have puffy nipples. can anyone relate? has anyone noticed this problem emerge after they completely stopped lifting weights and doing cardio and maybe all that muscle just sagged?


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i am turning 20 in a couple months dude, i am in a similiar situation, who knows what caused it, i think it might be genetic... the bottom line is and i hate to say it, but u have gyne and ull need a gland excission to get rid of ur puffy nippples bro
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