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I posted this in another thread but felt it should go here aswell.

Wow it's my first time posting. i cant believe i actually found other men with the same problem!

1)When i was in high school a couple years ago (now 19).
when i was around 13 i was always being called banana breasts all the time and some guys would always pinch my nipples to make it worst! But i easily overcame that because my brother and sister had such a huge popularity level in my city that everybody realized who i was and stopped teasing me.

2)Having G was so horrible because i was one of the most popular kids around my city and in my high school when i was 16 and i was told that i was very cute by so many girls. Me and my friends where what they call the cool kids and all of my friends had girlfriends or had already been with alot girls except for me. When i was asked why i never had a girlfriend i never really had an answer but i knew deep down it was because of my boobs. Because i never had an answer i was being called gay by so many peolple who i thought were close to me.I could never take my shirt off infront of any girl because i felt so embarassed about my apperance. i always had a care free attitude and was always smilling and laughing everyday but no one could ever guess how sad i really was even til this day. I actually tought about suicide many times but realized i would just hurt the people around me who actually care for me since they dont even know what im going through!

3)Now that im older it's even worse on the psychological level because i think about it constantly and i have become an outcast to others in my family who find me rude and unsociable.
My brother is a producer and singer and he is currently trying to make a name for himself among established artist in the industry and many time i am asked why i dont join him or go out to these events with him and the sad reality is i dont want to tarnish his chances of making it big with me being around and acting all awkwards towards everyone not dressing all stylish and avoiding taking pictures that will haunt my carrer for ever.Ive only met one celebrity so far and that was Lady GAGA and because i was so uneasy with my body and myself i did not stay to enjoy the party.I really care for my brother and sister so i've always put them as important and i toss my own needs away to the side to see them happy and make it big!

4)But in the end the most embarrasing memory is not really embarassing but it broke my heart because the one girl i really loved actually loved me back so i thought and i was never able to be comfortable around her and therefore she opted to date one of my best friends. Having G cost me the love of my life alot of friendships and my self-estime. I still see that girl i used to love around the city sometimes with her new boyfriends and it really messes with my mind of what could of been!

Sorry for the long post i just really had to get this off my chest (no pun intended)
Now that i know about surgery all thats left is having the surgery done but no one around me knows what im going through so it is really hard trying to this alone! My parents are very old school and they come the west-indies so they just cant understand what im going through since they think it's just fat and it go away with exercise... Hopefully after my surgery i can start leading a normal life and pursue my dreams in the entertainement industry like my brother and sister and finally know the felling to love someone who actually loves me back in the same way.

Damn that was long but i feel alot better now!


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Man you are identical to me, I am 19 years old, good looking and in good shape (not trying to sound conceited or anything) so let's just say getting with girls is not a problem. Well there is a problem and it's these titties. I can't grow the balls to take off my shirt in front of a girl because of what I know the reaction would be. I'm getting my surgery done and man all I can say is that I have a few years worth of fun to be catching up on within the following months after surgery and the rest of my young life thereon.

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I thought I would make my first post on this thread.. just wondering when your surgery is and I'd like to know how it went..

but yea, I know what you mean.. im 19 right now too and have surgery coming up in the middle of january. I cant wait! Dont think about what you've been through in the past, but think about how things are going to change in your future! I completly agree with the comment about making things up for the time you have lost

Im gonna post my story and it will help me get a perspective on things myself.. hope all is good!

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Keep us posted confused_satisfaction.
If you have gyne, dont expect not be laughed at.

Just like if you walk into a locker room, you're gonna see some hairy asses and dicks.

Unfortunately for me, both have occured in my life way too many times.


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