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I am 19 years old and have been waiting for this day my whole life (childhood) and it finally came. Gynecomastia has had a very negative effect on my life, self esteem, and even my posture. As a kid I never thought it would be possible for me to get the condition fixed because insurance will never pay for it and neither would my parents.

I have had a job for 2 years now and have saved up my money just for this surgery.

while doing research on the condition and the surgery I found that most people were paying a total of nearly $6000 including all the fees, anesthesia, meds, and compression garments; so before i even found a surgeon I saved up about 6k.
I then found a good surgeon near me and set up a consultation.

In the consultation the surgeon told me all about Gyno and the different routes to take. He explained the processes of direct excision, lipo, both excision and lipo, and even waiting for the chance of it going away in the future. He then explained how people with more body fat need a lot of lipo with a larger excision, and people with little body fat only need the excision. Me being a fairly slim person at 6'1" and 165lbs he suggested I go with the excision along side a small amount of lipo to get the best results. Consultation took less than an hour.

Next was the Pre-Op which is were the nurses took a blood sample and asked me a ton of questions about my allergies and medical history. Then they answered any questions I had. The Pre-Op took about an hour and a half.

I only had two visits to the hospital before Surgery.
--pre-Op(1 week after consultation)
--Surgery(2 days after Pre-Op)

So today Friday April 11th 2014 I left my house at 4:30am drove an hour to the hospital and was in a private room in my surgery gown with my parents by 5:30am. Then some nurses come in to start my IV, took my blood pressure, and basically made sure I was ready to go for my surgeon. Next the Anesthesia team (two guys) came in and went over how they were going to knock me out and how long it would take for me to wake up. All that took about an hour and a half, then at 7:00am on the dot I was being rolled into the surgery room. The last thing that I remember is looking up at the ceiling at all the lights and tools. They told me that they would ask me to count down from 100 but i don't ever remember them asking me that! Next thing I know I am waking up in the private room I was in before surgery with  my parents watching TV. The nurses had tightly wrapped my chest with foam and elastic wrap. I was very surprised that there was not much pain at all but of course I was still loopy from the anesthesia and had been given some pain meds when i woke up.

As of now I am still on pain meds which is keeping me in absolutely no pain at all and I am no longer loopy or drowsy. They suggested I rest for 48-72 hours but from how I feel right now I plan on going to work on Monday(I have a desk job).

What surprised me the most was that I was expecting to pay around 6k but before my Pre-Op I had to meet with the Hospital's Financial person in which I was told how much everything was going to cost and sign papers.
-The Surgeon fee was $2500 and this was due after the consultation.
-The Facility Fee was $663.75 and was due at Pre-Op.
-The Anesthesia Fee is not set because they could use more or less on different patients but I was estimated about $300-400.
-Post-Op meds cost $26
-The compression garment's price is unknown to me because i don't get it until 4 days after.
SO THE COMBINED TOTAL IS ONLY $3,489.75+ Compression Garment!!
Which is significantly less than than expected.

I will be posting picture in 4 days when I can take my wrapping off and will also post pictures every 3 days or so through out recovery.
Stay tuned and feel free to ask questions!


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Congrats on ur surgery bro, im getting mine done tomorrow

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Hey just curious on how the healing is coming along and if you have any pre-op and post-op picturess

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Bro just let me know when u fully fit n start working out n lift n all like pre op
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