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Ok. The quick version of my story is this. I was born intersexed. I developed breasts at puberty. Very large breasts (and I was not overweight then).

By 13, I was a C-cup. I kept getting teased and molested, so I decided to have the surgery.

Well, the surgery didn't work for me.

a. Because I gained an enormous amount of weight and a lot of it went to my breasts.

b. Because I was 14 and still had some more developing to do.  As a result, not only do I have a big chest, but some of it is breast tissue. Even after surgery.

Although, because of my size (5'5", 300lbs), I can probably get away with having bigger boobs than I would if I were thin... I still wear a sportsbra to bind them, so they don't stick out as much. I also layer my clothes, usually wearing a vest.

So, breasts aren't noticeable, but the problem with wearing a bra is..the bra might be noticeable. So I'm still insecure.

Also, at the time of the surgery I didn't know I was intersexed (born physically between male and female. My genitals aren't fully male or female.) If I had known, I would never have had the gyno surgery. Sure, I'd have giant breasts, but I feel like I left a part of me on the operating table.

I was way too young to make that decision.


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most surgeons are reluctant to do the operation that early, if only because there's a risk the gyne might return like you described, they'd rather wait till the hormones stabilize after the teen years.  the additional weight can also be a hormonal influence on it.  

have you considered alternatives to a bra, like a compression garment, or would that not be practical?  

only you would know how to deal with the intersexed question.  i'll only mention there was a guy who posted here once who was mostly male, he looked it in his picture,  but was pressured into a gender correction, so called, his downstairs stuff was surgically removed and replaced with female version, he even took hormones and grew huge breasts, and got married as a woman, you couldn't tell he wasn't.  after some years he finally realized he had gotten pressured into something that was not for him and was furious, tried to reclaim his original masculinity and created a website to tell his story.  so just think carefully as you go, it's possible it was not a mistake and was just done too early.  thanks for telling your story.  

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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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