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Hi all
I am new here and I would just like to share my situation and see if I can get other peoples opinions on this. I am 17 years old and I have had gyne since 13. I am pretty sure its gyne, but I dont know anything about what type or syndrome. My problem is nothing to do with man breasts as such it is only with puffy nipples. I feel that i have a fairly hard and large lump under each nipple. I am not overweight in anyway, I have a slim and athletic build. I have even seen a local doctor here but he really gave nothing helpful and just said it was from puberty and there is a 50/50 chance it will go away by the time im 18. By looking here I feel the only way to remove it is with surgery, but I am a bit scared about that option. Is there anyway this lump can go away naturally? Another question I have is since the doctor said it is hormonal is it affected by masturbation? I dunno if this is stupid but I kinda felt that the lump was smaller after I played indoor paintball. Would adrenaline affect gyne in any way? This problem I feel has really affected my confidence and life, I find it embarrasing and it hurts when you live near a beach and all your mates go happily go down. I really want to cure or solve what I have. Anyway thanks for reading


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no "think" about it if there's lumps.  also if you've had it that long it's unlikely to go away on its own.  hormones might affect it some, probably not on account of the ahem recreation, but you could talk to an endocrinologist.  and yeah the beach stuff sucks royally, but you can also do something about this too.  'grats on finding the board.  
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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