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ok well...i don't know if i have gyne or not..But i have very big nipples, i'm not sure if i've seen bigger nipples than mine in person. I really can't stand it and am too nervous to take off my shirt most of the time. Around my family is ok, but anyone

Well i never really noticed until i was in grade 10, or maybe 9...In the locker room after gym one of my friends pointed at how my nipples were huge. That day changed my life forever, a lot more of my friends would laugh at my big nipples and i hate it. I have a goodlooking body, i don't really have manboobs, they actually don't look bad. But it's my damn nipples that scares me. I do get a lot of attention from girls, but i'm affraid to ever take my shirt off for them.

Stuff like that seems to not be as "acceptable" in this day in age to the opposite sex...

well i'll post some pictures soon, i hope some people here can help me out.

thanks a lot, really appreciate it!


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Hey I am in the same situation - 16 years old and always been wary of what people are thinking - it wrecks your life doesnt it. I have had 3 ops to get rid of gyne and from scarring the nipples look huge - it still effects me and it drives me crazy.

Best advice is that if it really is ruining your life go to a specialiast and seek some advice - only option really mate.


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If you're in good shape, you probably shouldn't worry about the ladies.  Like you say, they won't care as much (if at all), so don't let that stop you from hooking up.

I'm sure your friends are not flawless.  They probably have something about themselves they'd hate to be made fun of about.  Might be worth making getting them back if possible.


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