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Hello everyone, i'm 12 years old with gyne i've had it for about 2years, it's really starting to make my self confidence really go down, it's happen in 5th grade when i first got first i had it in 1, the a month later it was in 2 we rushed to the doctor when we got there we were worried that we had breast cance, and i'm a guy!!! so then after sevral more trips they saif i was diagnosed with didn't know what it was at first....but it soon became very noticeable...i'm gonna be starting school again and last year i wasn't bugged about it but i'm afriad this year they will...and i wut you would call a more popular kid and i wonna play football and i know they are gonna make us play a shirt vs skins game, i hope i'm on shirts..............................


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i also developed it at the same time bro, you seem very mature for ur age, congrats on finding this site.

for starters you should be glad u have it out in the open and your parents are aware of your condition.  my dad had surgery at age 15, i dont see why 12 would be too young if your doctor believes it wont go away (mine didnt).

it sounds like u just have puffy nipples and the surgery isnt that big of a deal, i am 3 weeks post op and its now barely noticable.

i am now 19 never told my parents about my condition until a week prior to the surgery and had to hide my gyne for 7 years, it didnt ruin my life, but limited it in certain ways.

i say u get surgery as soon as you can, and learn to live with it while you have it, theres nothing u can do about it, so try not to let it bother, dont let it stop you from trying out for sports teams, just try to be the mvp.  maybe take up a martial art to boost up your confidence and fitness, Muay Thai will have u in top shape for any sport.
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doesnt most childhood gyne go away?  

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yes, supposely 90% of people have gyne it will go away by 3 years.  75% less than 2 and 90% by 3.  After your 2nd year your odds are little over 50%

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I am fifteen and I just had surgery after having it for 5 years prior.  I look great now and all I have left are some minor scars.  I highly recommend the surgery for any adolescent that feels they need it in order to boost their self-confidence.  I recommend going to this, and talking to Dr. Elliot Jacobs.  He is really nice and he has performed this kind of surgery many times.  He's even been on Discovery Channel!  If you need more information I would be more than happy to help you.

By the way, before I had the surgery I always used to be the person that wanted to be on the shirts team, but now that I have had the surgery done, I don't worry about that any longer.

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Surgery Date: 6/06/06
Surgeon: Dr. Elliot Jacobs M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., P.C.
Procedure: Liposuction and incision under the nipple.
Cost: $6,500
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