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I am a male who has gynecomastia, caused by trt therapy. I am not a MD or do I propose to be one, but I would like to ask a few question to those who would like to respond. I am doing some research on the effects of using small amounts of estrogen to help in circulating of blood and blood clots in men.  It has been shown to help in women. There is hardly any articles out there to try and help doctors decide to give it to men for this reason.  If you have taken estrogen products, I would like to know your side effects. Did it benefit you, and did it make you feel better in a health way?There may be in the future ,more benefits than first preceived.  I do have the problem of blood clots and circulation of my blood. I take a blood thinner on a daily basis. I am very interested to know more about this.

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"I am a male who has gynecomastia, caused by trt therapy"

If that is true, then you probably already have excess Estrogen.  That is usually what causes breast growth.  Your testosterone/estrogen ratio is messed up.

I have always had high estrogen E2 & breasts.  Higher Estrogen would just mean larger breasts & prostate problems for me.  I also now have thick blood, clots very easy, too many red blood cells.

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A true case of gyne means you have estrogen? or does it just come with the formation of glands??


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Or something that mimics estrogen. I certainly didn't intend to 'go up' last year and haven't taken any of the things that are supposed to trigger the process, but I have a pair, nonetheless. I have heard of 'feminisation' in fish, and I eat a lot of fish (still do!).

How much of this comes in via the food chain?


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