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Hi, I visit this forum from time to time. I havent visited it for a few months now but I decided to post my pics.

Age: 20
Height: 5'11

I dont have a real camera so I used my phone and the quality isnt too good. Therefore I took a lot of pics and choosed ones with different arm positions and camera angles to post. I took these pics after eating a light meal.

I usually workout, play sports, and exercise regularly.
I think my chest has always been a little big since puberty, I used to be a lot fatter when i was 14 years old and I started bench pressing a lot when i was 16 which was why I though my chest was big until I found this forum (about a half a year ago). Now I bench more for reps instead of trying to increase bench weight. I think it helped a little but its still there.

Tell me what you guys think. All comments are appreciated. Especially by doctors or people who have seen a lot of pics. I am also wondering what specific gyne problems I have. I dont really understand puffy areola, muscle, fat etc..


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My opinion as a med student is as follows:
-  you may have (i say "may" because i can only see your photos) a little hypertrophy of your gland in your breast tissue (in other words: gland growth). You may have some adipose tissue (fat) combined with the gland.
However I think you should not be very worried because your gynecomastia is almost unnoticeable (but I understand what you feel  ;))


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If I saw you at the beach I wouldn't think twice about how yer chest looks.  Next to un-noticeable.

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I think there is a slight bit of gyne there.  :( It is more visible on the left part of your chest. However, nothing very serious... It is not an obvious case of gyne. What you can do at this time is to go and see a doctor and ask for a blood test so as to see if everything's allright.

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I agree that it's not severe at all, but we can't see motion in these still pics.  There may still be some jiggle or other noticeable motion that we can't see here.  I can definitely see the gyne in some shots, while others seem perfectly normal.  Without the benefit of motion I would rate it 3 on a 10 scale.

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ya man, up close it may look a little worse but your body complexity makes it look pretty normal. Keep liftin the weitghts

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Given the fact that you are in such good condition I think it is faily obvious that it is gynecomastia- even if you can get away with it.  If you were of average weight instead of being in good shape it would be proportionally more obvious IMHO.
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