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I posted these in wrong thread so i moved it here..

Looking at my photos do you think I have gyne that may go away with weight loss in time or will I need surgery?

Also how long should I continue with weight loss before I revert to surgery? I already lost 6 kg (about 10 pounds) and it has made a big difference. Although the 'puffiness' seems to be stubborn and not moving.

The photos are from different angles. When I have done some press ups and some cardio its much less noticeable. Other times its much more noticeable.

photo 1 - after workout
photo 2 - after workout another angle
photo 3 -no workout (worst) very noticeable angle

it would be interesting to know what other guys think of this and how bad it is etc?


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Judging by the first 2 pics, I would not say you have gyne at all.  last one seems more like a little fat accentuated by bad posture.  

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But why is the fat  causing the strange 'pointyness' like that?

I posted my history in the ask a doctor forum and I have had a hormonal imbalance and painful lumps in my chest that caused some tenderness in the chest and weight gain. The pain and swelling has gone away on one side now after about a year but that 'pointyness' remains.

Im wondering If I lose weight will that fat go away - also I am unable to feel any solid mass directly beneath the nipple, I only feel what I can only describe as lumpy fat outside the areola area so this is confusing in itself. I thought that real glandular gyno could be felt directly beneath the nipple as a solid palpable mass?

To add to this I went for an ultrasound at a government hospital in Thailand and the doctor told me there was no abnormal tissue there and only fat and that I would benefit from losing some weight. Considering Im twice the weight of the average local here I can understand that but the fat and 'pointyness' of the chest just seems a little odd to me since this occurred since the weight gain and a hormonal imbalance episode I experienced that I believe was caused by starting some medication and gaining a lot of weight rapidly.  

Confused because the ultrasound said nothing unusual although something doesn't look right from a certain angle??

Any ideas? Should I just try to lose more weight first before exploring surgery?

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Losing fat in the chest area can sometimes be a pain (just like the infamous abdominal fat), but it won't hurt to lose some weight.  Within reason of course, you don't want to be too thin as that's not healthy.

Since you don't have glandular development (according to the tests), you might succeed by simply losing weight.  Otherwise, if you do end up taking other measures then you'll only have to do lipo.  Or you could decide to live with whatever you have left after reaching your ideal weight.  But whatever the case may be, I'd advise against any surgical intervention until you're at a weight that you're comfortable with.  So if you want to lose weight, do that first as it can change your results.

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Thanks for the reply Johann, it means a lot.


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