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I used to be overweight and thot that these were bcoz of the fat.. recently i have lost some amount of weight, but they remain the same..

I am seeing a girl for a couple of months now and am worried about the prospect.. i have managed to survive without removing my shirt in front of anyone so far in my life (am 27 yrs. old) but now, its not going to be possible.

Please give ur opinion on whether it is just fat that wont go away or gland. I don;t feel anything hard, just some muscle and lot of flab on top.
is there a need for surgery..



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Hey Thanx for your answer..
no, it doesn't feel hard under the areola like u mention and that's what's confusing me.

i have not worked out too hard either.. just regular workouts 3 times a week. may be what i should do is set up a do or die regime of full out exercise for the next two months and then see the results..

i am just dearly hoping that it goes off with only exercise...

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Can't see your pics either


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