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So a few weeks ago I brought up my gyno to my doctor, who felt around and said that I definitely have an unusual problem with the puffy nipples.  He then referred me to an endocrinologist, who said that I don't actually have gyno, because there are no hard lumps under my nipples.  Quite frankly, I'm not content with him telling me this.  My body fat percentage is in the mid teens, and I am in quite good shape.  However, as you can see in the pictures, the contour of my chest isn't constant, and the nipple itself bulges out quite a bit (seen best in the 3rd picture).  Do you guys think this is gyno?  I have a hard time believing that the uneven contour is just a product of unfortunate fat distribution.  The doctor was correct in saying that there is no lump under the nipple tho, and I have never experienced any pain or itchiness in the area. 

So what do you guys think the correct diagnosis is?  And what surgery option would best suit me?  Thanks a ton for any future answers :)


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Welcome to, eblaze777.

Gynecomastia is the abnormal development of the breasts in males, resulting in breast enlargement.  The term comes from the Greek, meaning "woman breasts".  

With these definitions, do YOU think you would meet the criteria for gynecomastia?  Do YOU think you have abnormal development in your breasts?  

Yes, no question, you do.  Your breasts have abnormally taken on the appearance of female breasts.  You do have gynecomastia.  It's amazing that a glandular specialist would tell you otherwise.  If he doesn't think you "actually have gyno," exactly what does he call your female appearing breasts and puffy nipples?  

You appear to have mild gyne with puffy nipples.  Surgery is typically required for correction because once the condition has been stable for 2 or 3 years, it tends not to simply "go away".

Consider meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon who has a wealth of experience at correcting gynecomastia.  

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find a surgeon, but if they're saying that lipo is gonna take care of the whole thing...
i would skip that doctor.

you don't look severely overweight (heck maybe youre not even overweight at all) so your problem is most likely caused by gland tissues, and if you read around here or even google, you'll know that lipo cant take care of gland tissues because theyre dense and fibrous.

anyway, it's probably going to be lipo plus excision

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Liposuction, gland excision and nipple reduction are basically the procedures associated with gynecomastia.

Talk with your docs about it, because I ain't one :/

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Wow thanks for the responses guys.

To answer a few things, yes, I do think that I have gyne.  I've had puffy nipples since my early teens, and they have shown no signs of receding and I am 20 now.  Since I was 16, I have lost about 40 lbs of fat but still have the same puffy nipples. 

I am actually not really overweight at all.  Almost all of my excess fat is stored in my lower belly, chest, but no one considers me "fat".  Without the puffiness of my nipples, I wouldn't be concerned about the size of my chest whatsoever. 

So if it is glandular tissue, it must be soft.  This is contrary to most of what I've heard about glandular tissue.

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You would definitely benefit from surgery.  I agree with other posters here - a combination of liposuction and gland excision is your best bet.  Your areolar diameter is too large, and you'll find the diameter shrink to a normal size after the surgery, as you appear to have gland tissue pushing against the areolar skin.  Good luck, and welcome to the site.

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You were referred to an endocrinologist. Did that particular Dr. specialize in the treatment of diabetes or liver disease? If so, they might not recognize Gynecomastia.

The exam you describe is not a reliable test for anything.

You need to talk with a Doctor who has specific experience with Gynecomastia. Until then, your self diagnosis is the best you have so far.
Grandpa Dan


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