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Hi, all. I'm very new to this, and, well, it's just... an awkward subject to talk about for me. The photos can speak for themselves.

I've been 18 for little more than three weeks now, and, I don't know exactly when it got to this point, but, I'd say about 14-ish, when certain people started making comments about "breasts". I didn't know anything about Gynecomastia until recently, and I assumed it was simply due to a lack of exercise.

What I want to know is, is there still a chance of this going away on its own? I've never been exceedingly overweight, and, now, I'm 6' 2", and 187-ish pounds.


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Looks to me you have a lot of gland. There's no amount of exercise that will make it go away.

Surgery is your only option. Prices range anywhere from 3-8 thousand dollars usually.

Good Luck Sir.

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If you've had gyne for any long period of time then it is unlikely to disappear. In your, as was mine, this is true because of the mammary gland behind the nipple [which then causes the nipple to protrude outwards], which as was mentioned, can't be exercised off. Surgery is largely the only option, don't believe the scam pill websites.


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