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I've had it since I was 12 but i still doubt myself sometimes. I'm 6"2 and 175-180 pounds. So I want to be confirmed that I have it because I still have my doubts. Also, I've lost about 15 pounds (I used to be 195). A lot of my friends have gyne but I am still self consious about how my chest and overall body apperance looks. I am determined to lose more weight even if it will or will not help my situation. But do you think further weight loss could help a little?

New pics.

Well I've lost about another 5 pounds so.....

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The 2nd pic makes me want to say it looks like you sort of do, but it'd be better if we could get a fully body shot so we can compare them to the rest of your body and see if the proportions match up.

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Not a very bad case. But it's gyne...  :( Yet, be careful of what you want to do ... I'm not sure losing weight would help more... I think it is useless to tell the truth !  >:( You're thin and you have gyne. That's the way things are. Have a word with your doctor first, make a blood test, go and see an endocrinologist.
On another hand, you're "just" 17 and it may grow away over the years. So, what to say ?? do what best corresponds to your feelings today.
Hope it helped you ! Good luck man !


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