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Hey Everybody,

I just thought I would drop you all a line to say "Hi" (officially) and "Thanks". I have learned so much about gynecomastia from this site and the guys and doctors who post here.

By this time tomorrow, I will finally be rid of one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with.

Your collective insight, courage and support mean so much to me, and I can't wait to contribute (through my experiences) to the collective wisdom this site provides all men on a journey to rid themselves of this horrible affliction. Thanks again brothers, I will be back to post follow up pics, and my story in the days ahead.



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All the best to you. Keep in touch !

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick update, I am at the hotel here in Novato after my surgery with Dr. Delgado. His entire staff took such awesome care of me, and he pain is waaaay less than I thought it would be. I will update pics when I get a chance.

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Congrats, can't wait for pics.


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Well done getonit, hope it all goes plain sailing from here on in mate!


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