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Does anyone else feel the need to cover while tanning or at beach?  I don't feel comfortable going topless anymore?  How do other guys feel?



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I will no longer go topless, but that's my choice. For you, I can't even tell if you have anything worth hiding from the photo you posted...


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Bummed took the words right out of my mouth! Or I was going to say, if I was that small I would have never even thoughtof looking for a forum like this! No disrespect intended, but no breast seen either.

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I need to agree with everyone really have nothing to be concerned about. No offense meant.


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i personally don't see any breast behind the bikini top, looks pretty flat to me, i'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm verging on a b cup, and while if i flex my chest it tightens it up well enough to not bounce around much i still feel comfortable shirtless, its when i bend over or reach across my body for something that i see the crease and projection most. If you're worried about it just take note of what causes it to show more than just the formation of tissue, note what you do to make it obvious that is just 2nd nature in movements and find a way around them or detour them in another manner to not draw attn to it but i def think you'd be ok


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Obviously, I would never take off my shirt in public with the breasts I have. As far as your photo, I do see some slight bulging in the top, but it's hard to tell how much. From what I can tell, I wouldn't be concerned about going shirtless if I had your chest.

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I go shirtless at the beach all the time.  I measure 36" under and 42" over the nipples, whatever that translates to.  No one seems to care.


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