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I am a 57 yo male with Afib and hypertension on several meds that have caused my admittedly few pounds overweight to balloon, most especially in my chest area.  Is this likely due to fluid/fat, or is it possibly gynecosmastia?  If the latter, is surgery worth the risk at my age?


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Judging only from a single photo, you appear to be obese -- definitely an added risk factor for surgery, in addition to your AFib and hypertension.

Would very very strongly advise you to put your efforts into losing weight -- significant weight -- first before contemplating any surgery for your chest.

And by the way, it is not fluid you have in those babies -- it is fat and breast tissue.

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I appreciate your reply, and fully understand the weight issue is primary.  To be more thorough I am offering two more images for clarity. 
Thanks again.


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