Author Topic: Re: This is excess fat or do I have Gynecomastia?  (Read 2192 times)

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tough to tell. It probably looks worse in person than it does in the pics.  you're certainly not fat.  i can see that it's not perfectly flat around your nipple, but it looks like one of the more minor cases i've seen.


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Your nipples look very normal, could just be some extra fat since you dont look supper skinny. But otherwise I think you look fine.

Hit the gym for a couple months and see if you get any results.

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Agreed, my opinion is that there's no gyne there, especially since you don't feel any gland.  Hitting the gym might help, but keep in mind that there is natural variation in normal chest shape and this may just be the way that you are despite there being nothing wrong.

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Not a bad case but gyno seems to be there. Try working out first and see what happens but I fear it might not grow away. You've got the puffy and pointed nipples which make me think of gyno. I don't think this is an excess of fat, or if it is, just a bit. However, to reassure you, I repeat that it is not a serious case to me.


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