Author Topic: please tell me is it fat or gyne?  (Read 1799 times)

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abardo, while I concur with all other opinions expressed here, I do need to ask this: are you comfortable with potentially being identified as female by peers and/or strangers?  Would your continued breast development cause you any significant emotional stress?

I think this is an important designation to call out.  You are indeed very young compared to most of the forum members that benefit from much more "life experience" in this matter, and may not be able to give you an adequate emotional assessment/opinion (I'm in this group, I'm 48 for goodness sake!).

What I would hate to see is a young person like yourself taking the advice of notably older person(s) that might not be able to fully understand today's social environment.  While there is nothing anatomically "wrong" being a male with enlarged breasts, the condition has been, and will likely continue to be, a very real social problem for those afflicted.

My advice, for what it's worth, is that "you be you".  That may be easier said than done, of course, but your true friends/family will not care at all what you decide.  That's what makes them "true" :)

If you are mostly concerned with external judgement, surgery is likely to be your best option.  If judgement isn't a big deal for you, I also suggest trying a handful of comfort options available to you.  Yeah, this basically means putting on a bra of some kind.

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Just came across this thread now.

I'm 28 and developed my gyne in my early 20's, so I can't speak from experience about school and gyne.  However, I agree with the general consensus that you'd be better off in a bra, at least at home for the time being.  I don't know about you, but I find my nipples (and even breast skin overall) are very prone to irritation from rubbing on shirts, and I'm currently still trying to muster the courage to start buying myself (so I know it's not easy).  If you also have to deal with the same sensitivity issues then a bra will certainly help.

And as others have said, that solid mass you felt is the glandular tissue.  So you definitely have real breasts, not just a bit of fat that you can get rid of with exercise.  The general rule of thumb is that gyne will either clear up within 2 years, or stay for life.  So I'm afraid it's not looking good for "going away in time".  And as it has been mentioned, taking testosterone supplements can cause your gyne to get even worse.  If your body decided to maintain a specific balance between testosterone and estrogen, it'll keep that balance by converting a lot of the extra testosterone into estrogen.  Besides, those supplements can also come with various unwanted side effects.

With regards to the other kids at school, I know this isn't easy but you'll have to develop a thick skin.  I didn't have breasts at the time, but I was bullied a LOT (words can't describe it).  Remember, they're looking for a reaction.  If you don't give them the reaction they're looking for they'll eventually stop.  And remember, it's your body not theirs'.  So don't be pressured to make a decision based on what they want.


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