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So this is the deal.. 192 cm long, 84 kg weight.
I always had big nipples i think but since last year i believe my 'boobs' grew as well..
Can somebody judge on these pics if its pseudo or not.. and what is best to do? i mean i have some fat in my belly (you know beer and stuff) Been working out a couple of months now (2 a 3 times a week, cardio 50 mins and strength 30 mins) but cant really say i see difference.. it really bothers me :(



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Not great pics but looks like gyne contour to me mate, prob will need surgery if you want to go down that route
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Looks like a mild gyne.

I would suggest losing a bit of fat and gaining a little bit of muscle to tone up.

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Since you aren't fat, it's not likely that what you're seeing is "pseudo" gyne.  Looks like mild gyne, at best. 

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 :( I didn't have these moobs like 3/4 years ago.. when i was 21/22. So i thought it was just fat, since i didn't do any sports until last year. ?

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as you are not so much faty... try to go gym regularly and swimming is the best option you have
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