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*I had Vaser Lipo done to my love handles, upper and lower abdomen and my chest, along with excision of the glands for gynecomastia. Total cost: £7600 including post-surgery massages and after care*
Hi everyone, I'm new here, but I've lurked on these boards for some time prior to my operation and since then. My operation was in late July (2016), so I'm almost 6 months post-op.
Immediately after surgery, the nurses were adjusting the foam underneath my compression garment, and I had a peak of my chest and it was flat - everything I ever wanted. The nipples were tight against the chest wall; it was almost completely flat. A week after, and it was the same. I was able to move my hand up and down my chest without feeling any sort of gland/fat that is associated with gyne.
Over the course of the last 6 months, the results have gotten worse. Not only with the gynecomastia, but with the rest of my results from just vaser lipo to my upper body. I still feel massively overweight, and despite their being less mass, my stomach sticks out just as much. I also have a massive area of internal scarring on the left side of my stomach (at the bottom) which stops me from having a flat stomach now.
I don't know if this is scar tissue, residual gland or just fat that over time I can slowly lose.
I weigh 4kg less than I did pre-surgery, and have maintained this (may have gained 0.5kg over this time in actual fat).
Unfortunately, I don't have a side view picture of my gyne I can find now, and it looks awful lot better in the front angle picture. I was probably between type 1 and type 2, but it was sticking out massively. The clinic I was with had a woman who was training there and saw me at my initial consultation along with the main surgeon, and then saw me 2 weeks after the operation, and said 'Wow! That's a big change, you used to have, sorry to say, proper 'bitchtits', you look great now!'. That was 2 weeks after, when my results were still very good - mainly with my chest.
So anyway, here are my pictures:

3 days post op (happiest with my results, when I thought it would just continue to flatten):

7 days post op x2 (swelling takes over, lose a bit of definition, chest is still fairly flat and I was happy with the shape of it at this point, although I had extra fat around the armpit/chest area, which I did ask the surgeon to target):

18 days post-op (I remember being unhappy about the left nipple, which was harder/raised slightly and looked unnatural - this pic is me after a shower with some nipple retraction which made my pecs look more manly than boob-like):

This was probably the last time I can remember the results being good.
4 months post-op - roundness to chest is back, Lipo looks less impressive in front view, and in side view you can really tell the extent of which it looks like I had no lipo done at all on my abdomen:

Side view

At this point, I was increasingly less happy about my stomach - look at that bulge! But I was still fairly content with my nipples/chest - but again - only in the cold. Once relaxed, they were pointy again, as you'll see...

My chest was saggy again, my nipples were pointing out and for £7600, YES I'M DISAPPOINTED!

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More close-up of nipples (about 3 weeks ago):

Pointy once again.
Why has this whole operation failed on me so massively?! I know I have a lot of uneven areas on my stomach, and I'm slowly reducing that with good diet - but I'm afraid a lot of it is scar tissue and with weight/fat loss, it'll just look even more obvious as hard scar tissue under the skin.
I can't get Kenalog because neither my surgeon or GP will prescribe or administer it (I'm in the UK).
This could well be remaining gland rather than scar tissue. 
I have been massaging the breast with a deep tissue massager and also doing the same on my stomach, which I think does flatten it slowly but you've got to be persistent.
I'm subconscious about my chest again though, and after years of mental scarring over my condition, I can't believe it's possibly internal scarring that's stopping me from being confident post-surgery.
You can see the fullness to my breast through tshirts and tight shirts, and this was something I thought I wouldn't have to deal with ever again.
Massively unhappy.
Is this residual gland? Considering how good it looked early on? Is it scar tissue? If it is, then why is it that when I raise my arm, I don't feel anything at all behind the nipple? Nothing like how it is on my stomach anyway. Is it just fat that wasn't lipo'd away? But it was still a lot less full even a couple of months ago, so what gives?
What has gone wrong for me? Because, honestly, I'm very worried that the results will just get worse and worse.

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Looks like the surgery results was really good, you just seemed to let yourself go and gained alota weight later.

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Looking at your type of body, i think that you need good excercise with diet. Not just loose weight, but to loose fat weight. You have a lot of fat there and its not because of the surgeon that left it. 
You look better, a lot better than prior to surgery, but a surgery cant make you be always flat if your diet isnt right. 

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Exercise my friend.  Loose weight.  Sugery alone cant solve every thing.

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Bro. You could have just got a gym membership and saved yourself thousands of dollars. Exercise and diet will cure all your ails. Don't think so. Look at my thread.


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