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[Edit] Stop just looking and post, tell me how bad it is, do you think Ive got a convincing argument for a free NHS job?

I have a hard disk/donut under the nipple. It hurts ALOT when pressed or squeezed. Its been like this for over a year now.Just registered on the forum because I cant take it anymore, gonna go see my GP (im in London) sometime soon after exams and beg and plead him to refer me to a surgeon. I simply cannot afford to pay though, I have to get it on the NHS. I WILL MURDER PEOPLE IF NEED BE. My girlfriend has been supportive shes urging me to see the GP but I just keep telling her that he will tell me that it will go away in a year. Which is what im expecting from reading all the other posts on here, you guys are all just told to leave it because it will go away, then in 7 or so years time you pat 3.5k for surgery and say its the best decision of your life you should have done it when you were a teen. Dunno if all that made sence its just a very sensetive subject its affected my life in so many ways. My parents do know but they are just meh about it.

I will emphasize to the doc how FRIKKING PAINFUL it is when someone bumps into it or grabs it, how ive stopped swimming every weekend. How its affected my life. I wish people who dont have it understood, idiots like this stupid bi**:

The NHS needs to consider where it spends it's money, one day we hear life saving cancer drugs are being withheld, the next we find out that men are getting breast reductions? Go on a diet, exercise, and get a life!

No 'cosmetic surgery' should be funded by our taxes.

- Annette Peck, Cambs, UK, 24/10/2005 10:30

Ok back to the point.

Thats my normal nipple, no pain, no swelling nothing. yay ^^

Im coming to terms with it now that I know my girlfriend isnt fussy about it, were going france in the summer with some friends where there will be a pool and loads of topless sunbathing which Im not dreaing THAT much, Its mostly the physical pain that this thing brings. =[


My lovely normal nipple is fine in comparison.

From what ive researched, im gonna need surgery, not just lipo cause I have a fat swollen gland that I wanna get rid of, I just wanna stamp it to the grouuuunnddd!! ugh

Oh and hey all, im new here. Lets hope I can get this fixed eh? If I do have to pay for it, Im gonna ask for half price hehe  ::)

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Will do.

Just that female breast cancer is usually just small lumps. This came all at once, I think its just swelling of the underlying gland under the areola. Thanks for the advice though.

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Haha 'deformity' made me laugh. Nah bud, i took some photos in the mirror some without. I can assure you, my right nip is perfect.

[edit] the ones you listed are all my left nipple, the one thats screwed.
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I'd hope the NHS would give you a free operation since it is causing you physical pain.  That sounds a bit more serious than gynecomastia.
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I think this should be treated on the NHS to be honest.  You are obviously in great shape (abdominal definition) with  low bodyfat, which I think significantly strengthens your case for a free surgical correction.

When you see your GP emphasize the pain aspect as well as the mental distress..........

Also, you 100% do not need lipo, you have no fat to lipo!  - what you need is a good surgeon to just cut that sh1t out,  the nipple will almost certainly shrink back to normal size once the lump behind it is gone as well.


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