Author Topic: NEw Photos Updated Haven't been here in while let me know what u think thx.  (Read 2299 times)

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Hello everyone I have been working out real hard and not constant but been trying let me know what u guys think of my new chest

this is no surgery all I did is workout a lot no diet not really.

this is normal no flexing



Please let me know what u guys think thank you so much! this website has motivated me to workout and stick to it.


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You look great. NO ONE is going to think you have a feminine-like chest.

Congrats on your hard work and success!

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well its not that bad but i could se that poking out of your shirt.

my 2 cents.

1 your ripped
2 block your face out in case someone trys to "do something to the pic or whatever"

oh and could you take a pic from the side?
less than 30 days till im 14

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you know you don't have it, otherwise you would block your face!

what you posted seems to be fine to me. what were like before? some b4 pics for comparison would be helpful.

good luck

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No gyne neither ! Nice muscular chest is all I can see on these pics !  ;D

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nope! no way Id mistake your chest for that of a females!

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Wowo U guys made me so Fricken Happy omg I am like wow Thank you guys means so much, I worked so hard but I did it yesssssss

and here is the before


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