Author Topic: Need to do something- is this gyne or fat or a large chest bone? :(  (Read 1574 times)

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Hi guys, I've been concerned about the size of my chest for a while. Unsure whether I've got gyne or fat, or simply a large chest bone!
I'm 25 but over the last year or so my nipples have become really sensitive, to the point where I can feel them rubbing unpleasantly on a t shirt. When wearing a normal shirt that fits my arms and my body lengthwise, it seems too tight across the chest.
I've attached some photos - would you guys say I have gyne??? If so, do you think it's worth considering surgery (v sad Levick has gone!) or can it be lessened using exercise?
Would appreciate your guidance on this :)



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I say "move along, nothing to see here".

Looks like a normal chest to me.


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I believe those are called Pectoral Muscles. 
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