Author Topic: Need advice. How bad is it still?  (Read 1706 times)

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I have had puffy nipples since I was 14. I'm 19 now and still have it just not as bad. I just wanted honest opinions on how bad it is. I'm trying to get suregury but I have little money. I suppose my greatest fear would be having a girl i'm with say something about it. How noticeable is it?

Sorry for the lower quality photos I used a webcam.


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standard conical puffies.  in comparison with most cases, it's mild.  that does not mean its effect on you is too.  as for girls, some might not notice, but it'd depend on circumstances.  also some will not care and have married guys with worse, some will be put off and make wisecracks, that also depends on the girl.  it's noticeable, but the fact it's not severe helps a little.  so if you can live with that, you can get by, but if you decide you can't, you're probably in for an op. 
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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good advice hhh. i tend to think girls wont notice these! unless it shows throught a t shirt i wouldn personally opt for surgery.

 i totally agree with mild gyne cases can cause just as much stress.

i have a similar problem to urs and i am opting for surgery but my countour of my chest is wrong it doesnt curve around. urs seems to curve round fine??

if it is just the nipples that bother u well maybe that is looking a bit for perfection, at the end of the day who goes around looking at peoples nipples.

but if it is causing u stress probably best to get it done. good luck

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Thanks for the replies. I have been taking tamoxifen but I just started last month and I highly doubt it will make a difference. I just got tired of doing nothing about it. I really want to get surgery and get this over with but I'm in college and have no car and only 1,000. So i figure I'm screwed. I did get a blood test and saliva test done and they came back normal. 


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