Author Topic: Nearly 2 years into my gynecomastia removal journey.. bad experience. Help?  (Read 2992 times)

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So to get to the point, I have just turned 20 years old and I had my Gynocomastia surgery in January 2012. It is nearly 2 years on from when I had my first procedure and I'm still unhappy with my chest.

It's been a struggle to wait and persuade my Surgeon to do any revision surgery, as I had been waiting for about a year and a half going back and forth to the surgery to be told that I'm still healing and being given pointless Cortisone injections that never seemed to do anything.

Finally, today, (see the left side, sorry about the blood) my surgeon has cut out the bits of breast tissue that were remaining. It wasn't as easy as that, though - I actually had some lipo around 3 months ago in the same area, BUT it seemingly missed all of the excess tissue (I was effectively opened up and bruised for no reason - lipo is pretty harsh!). So I waited and waited for my left side to be fixed as it was the biggest problem at the time (sorry that I don't have pics) so I didn't really complain TOO much about my right side.

However, now my left side has been done (two 50p piece sizes of tissue pulled out!) I am seriously getting annoyed by my right side  that my surgeon has told me he doesn't want to touch! I have no idea what this lump is. He said it was tissue memory from where the breast tissue was?! I don't know if I believe that.

Any ideas of what's going on here? it's incredibly frustrating, especially as my surgeon has said if it's removed, there will be an indent left in my chest. I can see no definition in my chest whatsoever and when I tense up.. I just look deformed. Help?

The lump that I am holding above, I THINK, pushes down on my skin that surrounds my nipple and makes it impossible to show any definition. When I tense up or even sit down it shows up. After a pump from the gym, the lump also pushes out further.



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