Author Topic: My Gyno with Pics - Advice needed.  (Read 1857 times)

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You are still technically obese -- your BMI is 30, which is the divider between overweight and obese.

Having been much heavier, you have stretched out your skin -- and that loss of elasticity is a one way street.  That is why the nipples are positioned so low on your chest.

You have large, pendulous breasts.  Even if you lose more weight, the breasts will get slightly smaller but droop even more.

You can deal with all of this by wearing a snug compression shirt -- which will provide better contours when you have clothing on.

If you wish to remove the gyne, then your only option would be surgery, which would remove the excess tissue, the excess skin and re-position your nipples to a more normal position on your chest.  If this is the course you choose, then make sure you seek the opinion of a gyne expert in your local area.

Good luck!

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