Author Topic: "Mild" gyno, would you recommend surgery? Pics included (Surgery now done)  (Read 15047 times)

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They look very nice to me. Enjoy them!

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yours looks a lot like mine. EVeryone else says they don't notice a problem but I don't notice anything else when I look at myself. In my case, it bothers me to the point where I feel surgery is needed. If it bothers you get it corrected!!

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Alexandorevans88 are you having the surgery? I haven't decided yet myself

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I am going to have the surgery in April!! Very excited to get rid of this once and for all. Can't wait to be able to go to the beach this summer and take my shirt off.

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Simply stated, move on with your life, correct the problem in your head. Gynecomastia will not kill you, you are chasing a ghost. Being embarrassed is all in your head, if your "friends" make fun of you or make unwelcome comments, get some new and better friends.

Most people could care less if you live or die and will not pay any attention to you on the beach, at the pool or anywhere else.

Come to grips with your self image and enjoy your life.

ITS NOT ALL IN THE HEAD, ITS ALL ON THE CHEST YOU MORON. stop putting people down. This is not the first post Ive come across that you're putting others down.


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