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Hello everyone,

I am crossposting this from reddit, as I have just discovered this forum :)


Hello guys,

I had problems with Gyneco before, when I was in the beginning of puberty (which was really late for me, it was around 14-15) and it was really bad (namecalling, you can guess), but it went away after I started hitting the gym and got in really good shape.

From then on, my weight has been a bit of yo-yo, going up to 85KG and down again, but Gyneco just wasn't a problem back then. This is me in 2011 (sorry for the quality, I had to snip an old fb Photo of me at the beach) being around 78 KG:
The last two and a half years had been really tough on me and I went up to over 90 KG+ for the first time in my life. Over the course of this time, my chest started developing in a really unadmirable way again. But since my life got a lot better lately by me taking more control over it, I decided to JUST DO IT (Thanks, Shia) and started to do a lot of sports again. I am down to 82 KG and feel really happy with my development so far.

The only thing I really dislike is my chest. Back when I first started having "Manboobs", hitting the Gym really helped, so I hoped for comparable results now. But as you may likely see, it is only "slowly" getting better - if at all.
So I'm kinda asking for your advice here: Will it get better from sports again like it did before or do I have to think about some medical measures? I know that most of you guys are most likely laymen, so I will of course not take any further steps without professional consultation. But I think hearing the oppinions of other fellows in misery might be helping here :) No matter your advice, I am of course going to further my pursuit of losing bodyfat / getting fitter!

tl;dr: Had Gyneco as a Teenager, it got better by itself /doing some sports. It's back now, what should I do?
5 years ago, 78 KG / 170 pounds:
Today relaxed, Around 80-83 KG / ~180 pounds:
Today flexing, Around 80-83 KG / ~180 pounds:

Thanks for your time and advice,

The today not-so-angry Aardvark.

P.S: Sorry if some of the imperial sizes or some of the english doesn't add up, I'm german :)

Edit: It also runs in my family, my dad and my uncle both had surgery (I know for certain about my dad, the information about my uncle is only from second hand)

Update: I have discovered that  thyroid hyperfunction and gynecomastia are related. Since I have a minor case of t.h., which is currently not treated (which I agreed upon with a doctor a couple of years ago) but was when the first picture was taken, I will visit a doctor soon to get it checked!



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It looks like you have a very mild case, and if it's something you can't come to live with, it will require surgery.

Good luck

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Thank you very much for your quick answer,

well, it's very nice to hear that other people think that it's a mild case. I guess in my fear of it getting worse, I may be overreacting a bit. It's just that the first time it happened during my teens had a big impact on me, and someone not close to me (sympathetic, isn't it?) just randomly pointing it out recently in an unfriendly manner made me worry again.

Cheers & have a good life


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The truth is we are our worse critic's. Others don't notice as much as we think they do unless we bring attention to it. I'm one of the old timers here that due to health issues have come to wearing support for my gyne, and that is a size 46H bra! You may not believe this but I never get any comments at all about it, and no one ever spending time staring!

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Looks mild to moderate to me. The only thing that matters though is how you feel about it. It is always a good idea to get in shape, but if you are unlucky it could make your gyne more prominent

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mild , yes, but i guess surgery would really boost your confidence . i would suggest you to get it done. 


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