Author Topic: Lost weight but might put on again!!  (Read 2032 times)

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Hi all

I am new to the site.

I have struggled with my "chest" problem for the last 15 years really and my weight has fluctuated for years. I got all the names like "boy boobs" etc that made me very paranoid and I know hate the summer with a passion as I can not hide away under hoodies!!

I am getting married in 3 weeks and once again lost about 2 1/2 stone by exercising 5 times a week at the gym and eating healthy. The problem is that i am loosing weight everywhere on my body except for my chest. This makes them look even bigger in my eyes and when I wear a t-shirt it looks horrible. The form of 2 large lumps.

I do not have large nipples or end of the chests its generally large all over. I have put on a fair amount of muscle and this seems to have made them more convex than normal.

Do you think this is normal from the photos (please excuse the hair lol) or do I have a larger chest than normal.

Thanks for your help and honesty


Damn do not know how to put picture


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You are obviously completely freakishly abnormal and scary.  And I say that without having ever seen a picture of you.  I just feel it.  



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