Author Topic: Is my Gyne coming back? Muscle or Gyne?  (Read 4208 times)

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Well as some of you all probably know I had my surgery on April 26th for my Gynecomastia. I was happy w/ the results upon taking my vest off after a month and a half and began my workout routine. I went down from 15.9 percent body fat to 12.9 percent and now weigh in at 159 pounds. Though I do lift weights quite a bit and do my cardio for some reason over the past few weeks I've been thinking that my gyne has started to come back. What do you guys think? I don't really care about revealing my face it has already been done before on a previous thread. Might as well let everyone know who I am if they recognize me it's a problem I had to cope with like a man and no longer feel ashamed. Again what do you guys think?


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Looks like a normal chest to me. Things do go up and down, you need to give it 6-12 months for the final results. TBH Ive never seen two people agree on healing time or what, when , how soon or if gyne can come back but from my own experience and what ive picked up if you were happy right after the op then thats probably a decent representation of what youll end up like not taking into account a bit of expansion as the tissue softens and any scarring.

I would say providing your hormones are fine gyne wont come back to any noticeable degree within 3 months. Its prolly more likely your body shape is in transition due to the weight loss and working out.

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  • Posts: 157 look good....i had surgery too and just can't seem to stop looking at it long did you wear the vest?

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I agree with the other posts.


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