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You're getting some great advice from the guys on this forum, gyne patients and Dr. Jacobs.  Once again, it is way too early to determine how you will ultimately look.  Obviously much more was done on the right side than the left, and from the looks of your skin bruising in the latest photo, you had quite a bit of bleeding after the surgery.  That really distorts everything.  And muscle damage is extremely rare in gynecomastia surgery.
As Dr. Jacobs said, there's nothing that can be done for a good while anyway, so don't stress over this.  It will look a lot different (better) once all of the bruising and swelling is resolved (are resolved??).  Just wear your compression vest as instructed, stay out of the gym until you're told it's OK, and be patient.
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Hi guys, just quick update. The indentation is not seem to be getting better at all. Went to check up at the doctor last week, and he said compression garment is not needed and if the indentation does not show any signs of improvement, he might do a revision surgery to inject some fat in the crater / indentation, next week.

What do you think? Isn't it too early to remove compression garment? and isn't it too early for revision surgery based on what I researched on this forum.

Attached is the updated pic.

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Yes, we know it is bothersome to you, but would strongly recommend waiting at least six months before doing anything.  In the early stages of healing, there are areas of swelling which will go down in time.  No need to rush into another procedure -- but that is your call.

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At this picture, it seems better, but it has low quality and you only upload front and far.
Dont do anything rash. Give months to heal. It will go less after months (not after 10 days of your last update).
I look myself everyday in the mirror and i know how you are feeling.. But i wait.. and i see indeed few changes (today i will close 7 weeks).
I wear garmet and i will wear till i wont stand it anymore from the heat (summer is coming).

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Ok, I will take everyone's advice to wait at least 6 months before another procedure.
How about the garment? Doctor said I don't need the garment anymore and also said that he never seen someone recover so fast and gave me the clear to workout. I feel the garment is actually irritating my chest rather than helping. Everytime I wake up with garment, I feel extra swell. Tried one night without, felt great.

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Hi guys, just a 4 year update. I got alot leaner, and the indentation got better, but here are some bad news...

The indentation never went away, it's pretty subtle when not flexed, but very apparent when flexed, also the gyno on my right pec came back just a few months ago for no reason...


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