Author Topic: Gyno or fat(pic heavy) Thanks  (Read 1549 times)

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Height: 6'1
Weight 190-195lbs 87/88kg

Hi guys,

I am hoping you can tell me whether this is or isn't gyno. I do feel lumps behind the nips but they are not huge. I haven't worn a t-shirt in a couple of years though, tough going to work today with a big hoody on when it's almost 30C outside but I am just too embarrassed. I'm  very close to booking flights to Poland for the surgery but still not 100% sure I need it.

I'm having a hard time telling if it's gyno or not. One one hand I had it when I almost had a six pack about 3 years ago but on the other I am obviously carrying quite a bit of extra weight around too. I actually feel more comfortable walking round at this weight because I feel the gyno is less noticeable.

I'm proabably hovering a bit over 20% bf. I included some full body and back pics to assess fatness lol.

Sorry for all the pics but need a definitive answer.


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IMO you have a fine chest, something I wish I had actually. I'd say work out your upperchest and it should just even out.


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