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I've had oversized nipples since i was around 12 or 13 and now im 16, turning 17 in february. Its so frustrating to have them, they look bad, but i just know something is wrong.

I cant tell if there is something hard behind or not.. but i have pictures.

I've been excercising since last summer and i lost 25 pounds, but the nipples are still there. I continously excercise but no results. Im 5'7 125 pounds.
Can someone tell me if i have gyno or if i can work this off by excercising?

please this is destroying my confidence. I just want to be able to wear a t-shirt normally without my nipples sticking out and making me look fat. Im tired of getting burger flipped.


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You definitely have a case of puffy nipples (a form of gyne).  Unfortunately, no amount of hoping, wishing, diet, exercise or waiting will make it disappear.  Surgery is the only accepted and safe treatment for your condition.

Please be smart and look for a plastic surgeon who has significant interest and demonstrated expertise in treating your problem -- do your research carefully and involve your folks in all steps of the process.

Good luck!!

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