Author Topic: Gyne Surgery at 18yr old still facing problems  (Read 1318 times)

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Ive had gyne ever since i could remmember (14-15yrs old) i had gyne surgery when i turned 18 and wasnt really satisfied with the operation the fatty tissue behind the nipple seems to be gone but the aerola is still a problem ive gained about 30lbs since then and just have no motive to work out anymore. im now 21 yrs old and wont even take my shirt off infront of anyone. my question is if i drop the weight will my aerola shrink?


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Yes, if you lose considerable amount of weight, your breasts will get slightly smaller and the areolae will shrink a tiny bit.  But that's not really what you need (although it will help).

It sounds like you had incomplete surgery when you were 18.  Best to consult with an experienced gyne surgeon to assess your situation.  Secondary surgery to correct the first operation may indeed provide you with a flat chest which you can be proud of.

Good luck!

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