Author Topic: fat or gynecomastis? please help.  (Read 1843 times)

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I am 23 years old and it seems that all my life I've had a fatty chest but I just can't seem to get rid of it no matter how much I work out, I'm 5'10" 185LB. I was 220 but I dropped the weight by doing a lot of running and I've been hitting the weights hard over the past few months. can someone please give me there opinion or let me know if this is gynecomastia or just fat. I'm so tired of always being made fun of (by my family at that so it hurts even more), thanks.


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I'd say yes. The truth is that the normal situation is threads of glandular tissue in a mound of fat. Trying to distinguish between fat and glandular tissue based on appearance is pure folly. Even physical exam is not always reliable.

The body hair appears to have been clipped or is partially grown out after having been shaved. The body hair will conceal the contours to an extent so you might be better off to not clip or shave the body.
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Welcome to, euro.  Wish my chest looked so good!  ;)

Yes, I think you have mild gyne, but I also think you're a great candidate for surgery.  As you've found, losing weight and lifting weights does not typically do much for gynecomastia.  I think surgery could do wonders for you and you would be much happier.  Who knows, maybe you could be one of the lucky ones and get by with lipo only.  

Time to talk to an experienced gyne surgeon, in my opinion, and get on the road to happiness.  

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Not a severe case, but one that would benefit from surgery.  Your second photo IMO shows it the best - a hint of a rounded inframammary fold, which is a feminine breast shape.  If people are making fun of you, it's obvious enough and is a problem for you.  Many guys on this site would criticize your desire to have surgery, but the bottom line is, you'll look better with surgery.

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mine is much worse than your case. I don't get why your family keeps picking on you dude. Maybe you love taking your shirts off in front of them. Mine is not really noticeable 'coz i have a very nice upper chest, that's the trick lol.


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