Author Topic: Do i have it or am i just overweight!!?  (Read 2647 times)

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Hi all;

This is the first time I use this website and the first day in my life that I realize I'm not alone...although I've seen Doctors for other medial reasons none of them ever mentioned what I have. I still don't know whether what I have is due to me being overweight or is it a medical condition in its own respect.
What I noticed is that most people with Gynecomastia do not have a very large nippular area...but I do and it really bothers me. I noticed that most people in this forum opt for surgery. I'd rather avoid surgery...I have lost 20lbs in the last couple of months that made my breasts soggier and more obvious. I need advise on what to do thanks. will post pics later


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surgery or hiding it is the only way to 'fix' it.


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